20 date night tips in Adelaide

You’re in Adelaide, sitting on your couch. Your phone is next to you. You glance at it longingly.

You’ve had this date planned for weeks now, but the chances are he won’t see this until tomorrow morning when he wakes up to go to work! And yet, no matter how hard you try you can’t make yourself hit send…

Date night ideas – let your imagination run wild and spark a passion that’s been missing from your relationship lately!

This could be the first time you’ve ever done anything like this so do yourself a favour and check out our list of date night ideas here:

1) Go on a picnic by candlelight

2) Dance under the starsday or night!)

3) Recreate your first date

4) Watch a foreign film with subtitles and discuss it at the cinema or over dinner

5) Experience new things together – zip line, indoor skydiving, go on an escape room!

6) Try something you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to doing. For example: indoor skydiving, ice skating, zoo keeping…

7) Surprise him/her with a scavenger hunt that leads to a romantic location. Get creative and let the mystery unfold along the way!

8) Visit some of Adelaide’s historical landmarks and learn some interesting facts while enjoying amazing views of this beautiful city during sunset. Start in Rundle Mall, then head west along Gouger Street toward The Barracks for a truly enchanting experience.

9) Go to a concert held at one of the local venues – the perfect opportunity to catch up on all those concerts you’ve been meaning to go to!

10) Sign up as a volunteer at one of our amazing charities and give back together as a couple 🙂

11) Visit cafes around Adelaide, taste their food and vote for your favourite in an online poll! The cafe with the most votes wins a free dinner at the other’s establishment. To make it even sweeter, if you’re both out exploring you’ll have plenty of time to chat about each other’s experiences and bond over each others’ company.

12) Have a picnic – find an amazing spot by the beach or lake and enjoy the great outdoors!

13) Have dinner during an outdoor movie – this time of year is perfect to see classics like “Grease” and “The Lion King!”

14) Go on a foodie date – try out different restaurants, cafes and bars around town until you’ve found your new favourite. Make sure to expand your taste horizons by trying something adventurous or even indulging in some dessert first. If you’re feeling really adventurous go on a second date 😉

15) Build a blanket Castle on the beach… it will be the best job EVER!! Or cool off with an ice cream at one of our local parlours. There are hundreds of dairy delights to choose from!

16) Get nostalgic by revisiting your first date – did you go to the beach? The movies? A bar or restaurant?

17) Get crafty! You can do anything from DIY gifts to decorating ornaments. If you’re feeling extra festive create some homemade Christmas presents for friends and family…

18) Turn up the heat by taking a class together. Try cooking, salsa dancing, pottery – even chocolate making classes are available at Adelaide Chocolate School!

19) Go on an escape room adventure together – they’re great fun and if you don’t survive this time round there’s always next week 😉

20) Have breakfast for dinner! There’s nothing like bacon, eggs and pancakes to set the mood… craving carbs yet?

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