Ways for Men to Boost Sexual Performance

While some men carry around an ill-deserved confidence about their own sexual prowess, the majority of men are quite self-conscious about it and will worry sooner or later that they aren’t enough for their partner. What can these thoughtful men do about that?

The good news is that if you’re thinking about how to boost your own sexual confidence and performance, then you’ve just taken the first positive step to getting there. Being open to advice and tips is critical if you’re going to make progress. Below are some ideas to inspire you on your way:

Idea 1: Look into Sex Helpers

There are products designed to help men enhance their performance in bed, such as delay cream for men, which can help men to boost the timeframe of sex to make it more enjoyable for both parties. After all, no one likes it when the theatre closes early! Some men do feel uneasy about using such products as they think it makes them “less of a man.” At the end of the day, though, the results should speak for themselves and isn’t that more important?

The fact is that men everywhere are using these products to help them last longer, feel better, and generally boost their sexual performance. It’s not the olympics; you don’t get special awards for not using performance enhancers!

Idea 2: Work on Your Physical Fitness

There is a strong connection between being more physically active and improving one’s sexual prowess. It won’t give you sexual technique, but it will deliver better stamina, more enjoyment, and not to mention make your body generally more attractive to others from the get-go.

It has also been shown that exercise is a good way to prevent erectile dysfunction in men, a problem that remains one of the biggest obstacles for many men when trying to enjoy a full and healthy sex life.

Idea 3: Eat Properly to Maximise Energy

Our diet plays a huge role in how we feel on a daily basis, and how much energy we have. It also plays a role in how much we enjoy sex, it seems. Vitamin-rich foods provide us with not just energy, but also a hormonal balance that we require to maintain a healthy libido and sexual drive. Eating foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish, as well as flax seeds can also improve our cardio-vascular health, which in turn helps us enjoy sex more while boosting our stamina.

Idea 4: Cut Back on Drinking, and Quit Smoking

Alcohol is the one thing people tend to consume while simultaneously thinking that a drink or two will help them relax and thus perform better in bed. But is this really the case? Can you ever remember having fantastic sex with a drunk man? If you thought it was great, it might have been because you were drunk, too! Alcohol makes it much harder to perform well, and that’s a fact.

As for smoking, you should cut back on it for your health in general, but when it comes to sex, quitting smoking will improve your lung capacity, which has some bearing on your stamina and strength in the bedroom. On top of that, as a nice bonus, you won’t smell like smoke or have yellowing teeth, which your partner will appreciate.

Idea 5: Work on Foreplay Most of All

Finally, men can do wonders for their scores on sexual performance if they would just give more attention to foreplay. Men everywhere seem to see foreplay as just a short prelude to the “main event.” Foreplay is fun, stimulating, and really gets everyone’s motor running properly before the main event begins. Kissing, caressing, erotic massage, dirty talk, licking…the list goes on.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/man-woman-couple-kiss-relationship-2563426/