Craziest Things You Can Do In the Bahamas!

I have been to the Bahamas islands a couple of times now. Twice with friends and once solo. It is the kind of place that you can never get bored of and it will take you several visits to finally learn that there is much more to do in the Bahamas than one can actually think.

Visiting the Bahamas is exciting, relaxing, and fun, all at the same time. It is a very unique destination that has something to offer to everyone. I am personally an adventure seeker and love to do things that may seem uncomfortable for most people.

While Nassau has some of the best cruise packages and day tours for groups, there are also some activities that will give you goosebumps and thrill you to your core!

Having experienced both, I can say that you will fall in love with nature and wildlife if you try some of these crazy experiences in this gorgeous island country.

Thrilling Shark Dive 

Sharks sound and look deadly. But here in the Bahamas, you can actually learn to enjoy the company of these dangerous water creatures. In fact, if you try Shark diving you will probably fall in love with them, I did!

With the shark dive tour, you get the option to do a scuba dive to get as close to the shark as possible. On the other hand, there is an option to go to several different spots known to your tour guide and snorkel while attracting the sharks through a bait box.

Scuba diving was my first choice and this is something I enjoyed the most during this visit to the Bahamas. It was kind of thrilling, dangerous, and fascinating at the same time. I loved how friendly the sharks appeared and circled all around. I had my doubts at first but in the presence of a guide, this is perfectly safe and worth every penny you spend!

Feeding and Swimming with the Pigs 

It was on my solo visit to the Bahamas that I hired a Bahamas escort through the VladimirEscorts in Nassau for a couple of hours. This pretty lady had a lot of interesting stories and knew so much about the various islands. It was during our talks that I discovered the cute pigs you can feed and swim with!

The next day I went on to talk to my guide and booked a day trip to the Exuma cays where I was supposed to meet with some cute adorable pigs. I don’t know why I did that exactly but as it turned out, hanging out with these amazing little creatures totally made my day!

The clean sand beaches and turquoise water of the Exuma cays were mesmerizing. So was my experience with the swimming pigs. It was funny, cute, and relaxing to see these fun little creatures play around and enjoy the water.

Drift Snorkeling excursion

If you have never done drift snorkeling then the Bahamas is the place to try it. Drift snorkeling is one of the craziest things you can do while you are here! Just remember to never do this alone and always book with a known professional company. The water currents are powerful and you can never have as much fun alone as you can in the company of the right tour guides.

Drift snorkeling is an excellent way to witness and experience underwater wildlife. You keep snorkeling while you watch turtles and fish pass by due to the strong currents I suppose. I believe if you are a little bit crazy at heart, you will definitely enjoy this experience.