Popularity of transsexuals in Berlin

Many are looking for beautiful girls as escorts, but the classic options are already tired. Then there is the opportunity to try something new and interesting for yourself. Transsexuals have become more and more popular in recent years. This solution may appeal to those who are tired of traditional entertainment. If you decide to relax and try something new and exotic, you should learn a little more about the culture of trances.

What are they?

There are different types of transen in Berlin, which have their characteristics. It is essential to familiarize yourself with each group in advance to find the right solution for yourself. Among the main types are the following:

  • Transvestites. Men who have not undergone surgery and do not use various hormonal drugs. They like to wear clothes of the opposite sex, make up brightly and copy female behavior; they have such a hobby. Somewhere in their home office, they are stern leaders and hardworking subordinates but breaking free from the stuffy dungeons; they are happy to pull on stockings, blush their faces, and carefully comb their wigs a la Barbra Streisand in their youth.
  • Mixed type. Change themselves partially. With the help of plastic surgery, they make themselves beautiful breasts. However, male dignity is not touched. For great looks, in every sense of the word, this is the most sought-after group in the industry, as it has signs of both sexes.
  • Transsexuals are men who have undergone a complete transformation. Here a sex change took place. All male signs were removed, and, on the contrary, everything that is characteristic of women was present. The difference is that this madam used to be a man and cannot have children. Such personalities are often incredibly similar to women, and without knowing her (his) past, it isn’t easy to guess about reincarnation.

The options listed above are standard. You can choose any variant by your preferences and desires. For example, you can try each of the types to see what you like. You may be surprised by your little research.

What are the features and benefits?

Previously, almost nothing was known about trances. They have gained popularity in recent times. This is due to various reasons. Many want to experiment as they are fed up with classical practices. Others did not have a personal life, so they looked for themselves in something wholly new and atypical. Each person has different reasons for switching, so such a service allows everyone to choose the perfect option for getting new experiences.

Transsexuals are an excellent opportunity to spend time in a pleasant company and get many new impressions and pleasant emotions. Leave only pleasant memories of what is happening and experience something unusual for yourself.