How breathing play an important role in sex

You might have never thought that breathing making any sense in sex since it comes so naturally to us. But just because you’re going to breathe whether you think about it or not doesn’t mean you’re using your breath in the best way possible. The best possible way could be during sex with an Escort Frankfurt Breathing can help to connect you with bodies and intensify sensations.

Nonetheless, till the time you are an expert learning breathing exercises while you’re having sex can get complicated. So the best could be when you try them outside your bedroom first.

However, this cannot change the fact the breathing plays an important role in sex, so once you’ve mastered that, here are some ways to introduce breathing techniques into sex.

Make Noise

Yeah! it is cliche to make noise in bed and can feel kind of silly, especially if you’re not used to it. But that doesn’t mean that you need to shout like porn stars. You just need to enjoy your sex and your voice that comes out. Most of the escorts muffle or alter sexual sounds to reflect what we hear in porn and this can impact orgasmic, so all you need is to enjoy your time like Escort Munchen and love the pleasure.

Breath Air Onto Your Partner

Your breath can toil as a very definite instrument to tease your partner. The things can go amazing when you lick your lips and breathe onto a sensitive spot on their body to warm it, then move away as you exhale to cool it down. You can open your mouth wide and breath warm air onto their nipples or another sensitive body part, ooh that’s sexy!. Another technique you can play with is “breath kisses”  by bringing lips too close to your partner’s skin and tease without touching them.

Slow Down Your Breathing Before Orgasm

The best part of orgasms is its intensity and breathing slowly while having the climax can change double the intensity. All you got to do is slow down your breath right beforehand. To make the effect last, continue breathing deeply during orgasm and this can help orgasms last longer.

Speed Up Your Breath Before Orgasm

Some people’s orgasms respond more to shallow breathing, however, speed up breathing can spice up your sex and lead to an amazing climax.

Breathe In Sync With Your Partner

Breathe in sync technique can give you the pleasure to another level. You can simply try -sit facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes, and breathing out through your mouth and through your nose at the same time, this will get you an amazing experience.

Breathe Into A Massage

When your body is relaxed, you enjoy each and every sensation to the fullest. Deep breathing during a massage can help you to improve your sex life.  These breathing techniques help you relax, be more present, and improve your overall well-being. Remember healthy sex is an exotic deal!