How to develop a better relationship with technology?

The impact of technology getting higher in our routine. Most people are aware and link directly with the technology that changes lifestyle. The daily activities like meeting people, communicating with others, attending lectures and looking for the workout sessions are hosted with the help of the technology. According to the rough statistics more than 60% of notifications an average person receives in a day that increase screen time.

In lifestyle changes technology plays a vital role, it makes life easier but on other side badly affects the circle of life. Due to increase in screen time people face problems related to health, physical or physiological, relationship damages and disturbed life balance. To maintain a perfect momentum, it is important to develop better relationships with technology.

There are multiple pieces of advice that can help to make a balance with the monitoring, mobile tracking app or other excessive screen time issues. Instead of blocking or limiting the use necessary is to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship.

Here are some tips that helps to improve the relationship with technology in routine:

Set the preferences or boundaries

The use of technology and devices is common in routine. It is impossible to avoid because without the digital devices life now is not possible to imagine. But to develop a healthy relationship it is important to skip the excessive use and set the defined boundaries. It is good to switch off and take a break from the technology for some time. It can be a day, weekend or a week off that you will stay away from the technology use.

Adopt the media rules practices

To increase the productive use and avoid the unethical or wrong practices it is good to make some rules. Inside the house you can practice the rules related to the use of technology and promote face to face communication. It looks bad if you are having a good company of family or friends but still engage in mobile devices. So, you can practice to limit and stop the use of mobiles when sitting at one place that promotes more direct communication.

Do not use devices in routine

It is common that people use mobile devices in routine like for alarm, to check time or date and much more. To develop a good relationship with technology it is important to limit the use for routine activity. Like it is good to set an alarm on the clock instead of a mobile phone. Moreover, do not use the phone while waking up or before taking your breakfast.

Be an active technology user

People use technology randomly that affects cognitive function, mobility and causes other issues. So, if you are using the technology and devices for the working purpose, to get the lectures or for the gaming then be an active user. It is just as a person behaves while watching TV. Maintain healthy distance and interact for a particular time frame instead of increasing the engagement.

Limit the notification

Social media sites offer the free and easy way to communicate with friends, family and others. It increases the social circle and boundaries by reducing the distances. On other hand it puts a person to tune up for maximum time and receive the notifications. With better relationships it is necessary to limit of mute the unwanted notifications. It reduces the screen time and does not affect bad over the cognitive function and much more.

Manage social accounts

In the process of improving the relationship with the technology you have to manage the social media accounts. The impulsive notifications at once increase the screen time and the person will react impulsively to check what’s coming up. As we know not every notification is that worthy to respond actively. So, limit the negative notifications, shut down the unused applications and unsubscribe the irrelevant ads. It is good to use the mute and block features to avoid the unwanted and unnecessary things to make life simple.

Stop before sleep time

It is important to have a good night’s sleep because it will raise productivity and cognitive health. The excessive use of digital devices and technology affect sleeping habits. To improve the sleep time and keep the brain calm necessary to shut down the technology before going to bed. Before sleeping, put the phone on silent, block unwanted notifications or mute them. It is preferable to use the do not disturb feature on your phone, or keep the phone away from the bed. According to the health advisors it is important to shut down the phone or stop using an hour before going to bed.

Final consideration!

No doubt the use of technology reduces distances, keeps everything in approach and makes communication easier. But it is necessary to develop a healthy lifestyle with maintaining better relationships with technology. It will not badly influence productivity and cognitive function.