How to Care for, Clean and Maintain your Sex Doll

The sex doll is both a commodity and a loyal companion. We should care for her as if she were a loved one and keep her in top condition at all times. However, many of us are new to sex dolls and have no idea how to care for, clean, or maintain them. This post will cover some basics to take proper care of your sex doll.

Get Intimate In The Right Way

Use Water Based Lubricant

For comfortable intercourse, whether anal or vaginal, you need lubrication. As a result, you’ll need to employ the lubricant to assist your sex doll in getting adequate vaginal moisture. The lubricant can make intercourse with a sex doll more pleasurable by reducing friction.

You should pay special attention to that the lubricant used must be water-based. Because the TPE sex doll is oily, silicone or petroleum-based lubes might harm the skin of the TPE sex doll.

Employ the Right Positions To Have Sex

Are you thrilled to get your ideal silicone sex doll and can’t wait to play with her?

When trying out some sex positions, you should use extreme caution. If your sex doll is big and heavy, make sure you are well prepared so you do not injure yourself.

If your sex doll is big and heavy, make sure you are well prepared so you do not injure yourself. Because, Sex Dolls frame consists of hard stainless steel, and they are not an actual human. Their skin can be easily deformed, which makes them more fragile.

Make sure you take extra steps to prevent damaging or scraping them. For example, when having doggy-style sex with your sex doll, supporting her body beneath her with pillows or cushions is important.

Here are some sex positions that we think you should try with your love doll:

  • Bent over
  • Against the wall
  • Spooning
  • Doggy style
  • Cowgirl and Missionary

Use Condoms

When playing a sexy game with a sex doll, you might want to consider using a condom. Condoms not only keep you safer, but they also make cleaning the sex doll easier and lessen the amount of work you have to do after having a strenuous exercise with her.

Always Clean Your Sex Doll After Having Sex

TPE is porous, making it more permeable than silicone, so you can’t sanitize or disinfect it thoroughly. To avoid bacteria breeding, you should clean the vaginal, anal, and oral parts after each usage.

To minimize any potential reactions, we recommend using a gentle soap, preferably antibacterial. After that, rinse with clean water until all the soap is gone. Thoroughly dry the doll. Dryness can help prevent germs from reproducing and is better for doll preservation.

Clean Your Sex Doll On Regular Basis

The doll’s skin will get sticky over time due to the nature of the TPE material. The TPE sex doll may absorb oil from our hands and bodies, and the TPE doll itself contains a lot of oil.

It is vital to clean the sex doll thoroughly regularly, which keeps your sex doll clean and aids in its maintenance. On the other hand, a clean sex doll can provide us with a better experience and greater enjoyment.

You can clean your TPE or silicone dolls by hand with hot water and soap, especially after sex, whether you have a TPE or silicone doll. In general, you can thoroughly clean your sex doll’s body every 30 days using a light antibacterial soap in the bath or shower. Bathe your doll regularly to maintain her fresh and sanitary.

You can submerge your doll in water or take a shower with her. Ensure that water does not enter the body through the neck, moistening the stainless steel skeleton. It will be impossible to dry the body after the water has entered it. It might cause bacteria to grow in the sex doll’s body and erode the skeleton, causing harm to the sex doll.

Do not submerge the doll’s head or neck in water. There is no need to wipe the head excessively. You can use a warm towel to gently clean her face, neck, and head. If necessary, use a small amount of mild detergent and remove it altogether.

After washing the doll:

  1. Pat it dry with a clean towel.
  2. Thoroughly dry the doll.
  3. Do not use a hair drier or any other heat source to harm the skin.

We recommend drying the remaining water with talcum powder, either by natural air drying or gently blowing with a cool breeze.

Talcum powder (also known as baby powder) softens your doll. Apply a little more powder if your sex doll feels sticky. Talcum powder also keeps your dolls from becoming sticky for longer. It makes it easy for you to maintain the top condition of your dolls.

Take Care Of Its Wig

Remove the wig off the doll’s head and wash it with mild shampoo and conditioner to clean her hair. It would be best if you exercised caution and patience while cleaning. Never twist or knot the hair of a sex doll. Allow the wig to air dry after washing, then carefully comb from the bottom up.

We don’t recommend using a hairdryer, but make sure it’s set to cold air if you really must. The heat source may damage the doll’s wig. If you are not in a rush, we recommend letting it air dry.

Properly Store Your Sex Doll

Because TPE is a soft material, keep the doll in a neutral, stress-free position while not in use, free of compression marks and wrinkles, to avoid any harm caused by the weight of the sex doll. Long-term tension can distort a component of the sex doll, with no possibility of recovering it and even the risk of ripping.

Always keep your doll away from sharp items. TPE is incredibly soft, and sharp objects can readily harm and cut their skin, resulting in a poor aesthetic impression for the doll. If you care about your sex dolls, please take precautions to keep them safe. In exchange, they will provide you with an ideal experience.

Do not expose your sex doll to direct sunlight to prevent the TPE material from aging. That would not only shorten the doll’s life but also lower its quality, preventing her from providing you with the ideal experience. Store it somewhere cold and dark when not in use, away from strong odors. At the same time, remember to keep her dry and away from moisture to prevent bacteria from developing, making the doll more sanitary and safer for you to use.

Make sure to dress your sex doll appropriately. Because TPE is porous, darker colors or patterns may cause your sex doll to discolor. So the basic premise of charmingly clothing your sex doll is to make sure the sex doll’s clothes are of good quality and will not fade. Furthermore, do not wrap your doll in any ink-containing material, such as a newspaper.

Never Share Your Sex Doll

Finally, some heartfelt advice: To prevent the disease from spreading, don’t share your sex dolls with anybody unless you care about your health. If you insist on doing so, we urge that you protect yourself by using a condom. Love your doll; she is your most loyal companion, and she will love you back. Love for her is love for yourself.

Final Thoughts!

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