Read To Know How Can You Have Safe Video Sex

We are going through the pandemic situation created due to the ongoing COVID-19 and hence having sex with someone can be quite risky. There is a need to maintain social distancing to remain safe.

However, the desperate situation often needs a desperate solution. Now you can do video chat with random people whenever you feel horny and want to have an orgasm with someone whom you like. 

The following are a few tips on how you can have safe video sex while being online.

  • Keep your smartphone and computer updated

Keep the antivirus software updated on your smartphone and laptop so that your system may not get infected by viruses or phishing, etc. 

  • Create a strong password for the video chat site

Make sure that you have used a very strong password for logging in so that no attacker can enter into it. 

  • Set up a certain anonymous account

You may need to tell your email account and hence you may create a certain anonymous email account.  

  • Select an encrypted platform

Another way to keep your identity secret can be by selecting a certain encrypted platform.

  • Check the privacy settings

You may also check your privacy settings to make it difficult for any others to view your details.

  • Share your sex expectation

While sex chatting, you may also share your expectation with your chat partner.

  • Prefer to use a smartphone rather than a laptop

Your mobile phones will generally be more secure as compared to your computers.

  • Don’t reveal your identity

Try to mask your face during video chatting so that you cannot be identified by anyone.

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